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URCD106 Carey Blyton: Miniatures
The Return of Bulgy Gogo
ASCD203 Carey Blyton: The Guitar Music
(for 1, 2 & 3 guitars)
ASCD204 Carey Blyton: The Piano Music
(for piano solo and piano duet)
URCD131 Carey Blyton: The folksong arrangements
Songs from Canada & the British Isles
URCD148 Carey Blyton: Sherlock Holmes meets Doctor Who
Music for brass and saxophone
URCD160 Carey Blyton: The Early Songs
URCD179 Carey Blyton: Lyrics from the Chinese
including Lachrymae—In Memoriam John Dowland
APSCD224 Carey Blyton: Film & Television Music (1/4)
(including film production music and music for television commercials)
APSCD225 Carey Blyton: Film & Television Music (2/4)
(extracts of music from documentary films and television plays)
URCD190 Carey Blyton: Choral Music
The Choral Music of Carey Blyton
APSCD226 Carey Blyton: Film & Television Music (3/4)
(film & television music: complete versions)
APSCD227 Carey Blyton: Film & Television Music (4/4)
(television plays & documentary films: complete versions)
URCD229 Carey Blyton: In Camera
(Compilation CD)
SLV1012 A Carey Blyton Shoal of Fishes