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Two Sacred Songs

Two Sacred Songs
for Choir (SSA or SAA) and optional Piano
Date of composition Summer 1956
Opus number 24a
Type of work Concert music
Duration 3¾ mins
Musical forces Choir (SSA or SAA) and optional Piano
Words Phineas Fletcher & Anon.
Publication status Manuscript
Notes Songs are: 1. A Litany (Phineas Fletcher); 2. A Lullaby (Anon.); MS


…a comparatively simple but very effective song by Carey Blyton called A Litany

Making Music, Spring 1962

Easier, and therefore suitable for less experienced choirs, is Carey Blyton’s charming A Lullaby, which is a setting of the lovely words “O my deir hert.”

Making Music, Autumn 1962

…an economical setting of “Drop, drop, slow tears” (A Litany)…

The Musical Times, April 1962

To choirs on the look-out for new songs and cantatas for the Christmas season, I recommend the following … Carey Blyton’s A Lullaby

Musical Opinion, September 1962

Some outstanding works for the Christmas season include A Lullaby by Carey Blyton…

Pianomaker, September 1962

Like much of Mr Blyton’s work, particularly his songs, A Lullaby has much charm, a pleasant melodic line and great expressive qualities … Mr Blyton is fast achieving a reputation as a composer of talent.

The Croydon Advertiser, 10th January 1963

…and among other carols, A Lullaby by Carey Blyton, which proved effective music.

Kentish Times, 17th January 1964