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Cinque Port (Music for an Opera)

Cinque Port (Music for an Opera)
A Suite in Five Movements for Full Orchestra
Date of composition 1957/1958
Opus number 28a
Type of work Concert music
Duration 15 mins
Musical forces Full Symphony Orchestra: (2)/Piano/Strings
School Suitable for use in schools
Publisher Chester Music and Novello & Co
Publisher’s product page Cinque Port (Music for an Opera)
Notes Movements are: 1. Prelude: Daybreak over the Harbour; 2. Song 1: Captain Bowsprit’s Blues; 3. Interlude: The Beach—Midwinter; 4. Song 2: The Sea-dog’s Song; 5. Postlude: Dusk over the Harbour


…comprising tuneful melodies for an opera.

Manchester Evening Chronicle, 1st February 1962

…was crisp, and, as programme music, very enjoyable.

Manchester Evening News, 1st February 1962

…has a wistful charm which greater familiarity would no doubt emphasise.

The Daily Telegraph, 1st February 1962

…has a good deal more than its undoubted ingenuity and competence to put on the credit side.

The Guardian, 1st February 1962

…is direct and unpretentious music, simply and capably laid out. It was a pleasure to listen to…

The Times, 1st February 1962

…a highly coloured piece of impressionism … The work contains some beautiful and effective music and is built up skilfully into a piece of great charm…

The Croydon Advertiser, 13th February 1962

…contains self-assured music … If there is a fault, it lies in the brevity of some sections … Among the good things … the sensitive scoring of the Interlude must be mentioned, and one realises Blyton can handle an orchestra and that his effects “come off” … a composer who is a sensitive craftsman … Mr Blyton took an enthusiastic call…

Kentish Times, 14th February 1962