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The Faber Book of Nursery Songs

The Faber Book of Nursery Songs
A Collection of Ninety Songs, Very Simply Arranged for Voices and School Instruments
Date of composition 1967
Opus number 53
Type of work Concert music
ISBN 0-571-13472-6
Musical forces Voice(s) and School Instruments
School Suitable for use in schools
Commissioner Faber & Faber
Publication status Out of print
Notes Illustrated by Alan Howard; 175 pages; published in the UK by Faber & Faber in hardback (1968) and paperback (1985); published as Every Child’s Book of Nursery Songs in the US by Crown Publishers, New York, 1968


The other outstanding feature is the music itself. So skilfully has Carey Blyton arranged the accompaniments in this book that each song is now a perfect miniature.

Kevin Mayhew, Catholic Herald, 22nd November 1968

Only a deep understanding of the poetic importance of this infants’ heritage could have sustained such meticulous care. This book takes its place as a definitive work…

David Holbrook, The Times, 23th November 1968

Carey Blyton’s settings, often a witty commentary on the more conventional ones, always illuminate the verses by the simplest means.

Mary Chandler, Composer, Autumn 1969

…the nursery rhymes are given a new dimension in the musical scores by Carey Blyton…

Robin King, New Zealand Listener, 23th January 1969

No nursery, private or public, day or night, can possibly afford to be without this enchanting book … The only way to get this book will be to buy it or to steal it. There will be no lending.

The Times Educational Supplement, 31st January 1969

Musicologist Carey Blyton’s easy scores make the book particularly enjoyable.

Patricia Miles Martin, The Fresno Bulletin (USA), 7th June 1969

…will have a universal welcome.

Max Laidlaw, The Leader Post (Regina, Canada), 1st November 1969

Simple and graceful piano accompaniments.

The New York Times, 9th November 1969

…with simple piano arrangements by the well-known musicologist Carey Blyton.

The Sunday Star-Bulletin & Advertiser (Honolulu), 21st December 1969