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Carey Blyton: Film & Television Music (1/4)

Carey Blyton: Film & Television Music (1/4)
(including film production music and music for television commercials)
Year of publication 2002
Type of work CD recording
CD Duration 00:56:19
Performers Foreign radio station orchestras & British session players
Publisher Apollo Sound
Track listing
1Film Production MusicValse MusetteParisian ‘left bank’ evocation2:07
2Girl FridayA quick, rhythmic number with a South American flavour2:30
3Commuter SpecialModerate tempo, amusing1:59
4On the Go (Moto Perpetuo)Gay, moving1:46
5Something in the WindTheme: Something in the Wind0:35
6Variation 1: Waltz0:34
7Variation 2: March0:34
8Variation 3: Rhapsody0:35
9Variation 4: Humoreske0:34
10Variation 5: Soliloquy0:34
11Variation 6: Tarantella (Finale)0:34
12Action for OrchestraGay, lively3:05
13Blues in the RoundBach blues3:06
15Men at WorkMechanical/industrial1:51
16Noises of the NightMysterious, mounting tension1:55
18Minuet for Octet18th Century pastiche1:35
19Bitonality BluesBlues0:46
20Pan & EchoPastoral0:50
21Table for TwoRomantic, warm0:52
22Gay AbandonGay, witty0:46
23Music Hall MemoriesHumorous, rather droll0:49
24Vista for OrchestraPanoramic2:36
25Scottish HighlandsNational, sombre1:23
26Scenes at CamelotRenaissance period1:53
27Bach-Chat for Two GuitarsOff-beat Bach2:11
28Music for TV CommercialsBirds Eye ‘Florida Orange Juice’Bach Prelude (distant)0:35
29Bach Prelude (close)0:35
30Widor Toccata-lette (distant)0:32
31Widor Toccata-lette (close)0:34
32Bach Two-part Invention (distant)0:34
33Bach Two-part Invention (close)0:38
34Mackintosh’s ‘Quality Street’Fashion Show0:33
35At the Ballet [Theatre] (unmixed)0:34
36At the Ballet [Theatre] (mixed – voiceover: Patrick Cargill)0:37
37Lyons ‘Harvest Pies’Dandelion I (sackbut)0:49
38Dandelion II (sackbut)0:33
39Dandelion III (horn)0:33
40Butterfly/Feather I (sackbut)0:49
41Butterfly/Feather II (sackbut)0:34
42Butterfly/Feather III (horn)0:37
43British Bakeries ‘Nimble Bread’In the Park I (pastoral)0:38
44In the Park II (pert – unmixed)0:35
45In the Park III (pert – with voiceover)0:38
46Tape Measure0:35
50Smith & Nephew ‘Elastoplast’Elastoplastic Art0:58
51‘Lux Toilet Soap’Samantha Eggar Relaunch – Idea I0:17
52Samantha Eggar Relaunch – Idea II0:17
53British Bakeries ‘Nimble Bread’Calorie Counter0:37
Total duration:56:19


These are fascinating examples of the instrumentator’s craft, and of Blyton’s music; he found many of the ideas too good to waste, and they were incorporated into concert works. Some surprises from a ‘traditional’ composer too—12-note pieces make an appearance.

Derek Foster, Modus Music News, no 16, December 2003