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Carey Blyton: Film & Television Music (2/4)

Carey Blyton: Film & Television Music (2/4)
(extracts of music from documentary films and television plays)
Year of publication 2003
Type of work CD recording
CD Duration 00:55:14
Performers British session players
Publisher Apollo Sound
Track listing
1Documentary Film MusicCapital CityMusic Section 22:16
2Flying BirdsTitle Music (Theme)0:42
3Variation 30:48
4Variation 9 – Variation 100:50
5The Living RiverMusic Section 71:43
6Music Section 10 (end credits – ‘Spring Scenic’)1:16
7Kites are FlyingMusic Section 31:19
8Music Section 7 (end credits)0:48
9Sherlock HolmesTitle Music: March: Mint Imperial, By Jingo!0:46
10Music Section 3: “The Baker Street Irregulars”0:17
11Music Section 5: Inspector Lestrade of the Yard0:53
12Music Section 8A: Leverton, of Pinkerton’s Detective Agency0:19
13Music Section 10: Porky Johnson0:14
14Music Section 11A: Professor Moriarty0:41
15Music Section 12: London street scene0:30
16The GoshawkPre-title Music & Title Music1:20
17Music Section 2M10:44
18Music Section 2M90:51
19The Furryfolk on HolidayThe Tufty Club Marching Song3:16
20Low WaterMusic for the Opening Credits1:52
21Music for the Closing Credits1:53
22Dislay to SellVariation 1: Lyrical, pastoral2:43
23Television Play MusicDoctor Who: Revenge of the CybermenDeep Space0:31
25Vogans (both ‘hawk’ and ‘dove’)0:22
26Cybermen and Vogans – their music in combination0:43
27Cybermen and Vogans fight in the underground caves1:26
28“All’s well that ends well!”0:24
29Doctor Who: Death to the DaleksA Desolate Landscape1:34
30Exxilon Chant1:07
31Dalek ‘March’ – silence –0:41
32Dalek ‘March’ (conclusion)0:25
33Exxilon Chant (human sacrifice)1:02
34The fight in the caves between Daleks and Exxilons0:37
35The fight between the Daleks and the city’s “zombies”1:26
36The Pigeon-FancierOpening Title Music0:36
37Closing Title Music1:50
38Footprints in the JungleOpening Title Music0:23
39Music Section 20:22
40Music Section 40:38
41Music Section 50:32
42Music Section 13B1:34
43Doctor Who and the SiluriansCaves0:43
44Research Establishment0:21
45U.N.I.T. troops0:58
47The monster0:35
48Before the PartyMusic Section 30:51
49Music Section 71:08
50Music Section 140:55
51It Wasn’t MeOpening Title Music0:22
52Music Section 30:44
53Music Sections 6 & 70:54
54Music Section 90:24
55Music Section 100:33
56Music Section 190:26
57Julie’s GoneStation identification signal0:08
58Pre-title Music – Title Music – Music for Scene 53:23
Total duration:55:14


These are fascinating examples of the instrumentator’s craft, and of Blyton’s music; he found many of the ideas too good to waste, and they were incorporated into concert works. Some surprises from a ‘traditional’ composer too—12-note pieces make an appearance.

Derek Foster, Modus Music News, no 16, December 2003