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Carey Blyton: The Guitar Music

Carey Blyton: The Guitar Music
(for 1, 2 & 3 guitars)
Year of publication 1995
Type of work CD recording
CD Duration 01:18:29
Performers The Hand/Dupré Guitar Duo
Publisher Apollo Sound
Track listing
1Bach-Chat for Two Guitars2:01
2Patterns  I: Waltz (Passacaglia)1:37
3 II: Pastoral (Chaconne)2:22
4III: The Organ-grinder (Ostinato)1:33
5In Memoriam Scott Fitzgerald3:08
6In Memoriam Django Reinhardt  I: Prelude (Variation 1)2:47
7 II: Elegy/Blues (Variation 2)3:19
8III: Django Reinhardt’s Stomp (Theme)1:52
9Saxe Blue3:12
10Pantomime  I: Harlequin1:00
11 II: Columbine1:19
12III: Pantaloon1:29
13Two Japanese Pieces I: Water Garden (based on the Japanese ‘soft’ scale)1:50
14II: Koto Music (based on the Japanese ‘hard’ scale)1:13
15YugenTheme and Four Variations4:58
16Pastiches  I: Mouvement Perpétuel (Francis Poulenc/Lewis Carroll)2:11
17 II: Tango (Darius Milhaud/Edith Sitwell)1:45
18III: Berceuse (Gabriel Fauré/William Shakespeare)2:21
19IV: Mazurka (Dmitri Shostakovitch/T. S. Eliot)1:38
20 V: Negro Song (Antonín Dvořák/Rudyard Kipling)1:52
21VI: Carioca! (Heitor Villa-Lobos/Gertrude Stein)1:40
22For the Delight of Shiva11:01
23The Bream4:20
24The Oceans of the MoonVariation 1: The Sea of Fertility1:20
25Variation 2: The Sea of Rains2:44
26Variation 3: The Sea of Cold2:59
27Variation 4: The Sea of Crises1:39
28Theme: “To the Moon”2:20
29Variation 5: The Sea of Clouds2:43
30Variation 6: The Sea of Tranquility – Variation 7: The Lake of Dreams2:19
31Variation 8: The Ocean of Storms2:04
Total duration:78:29


…a constant delight throughout.

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