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Carey Blyton: The Piano Music

Carey Blyton: The Piano Music
(for piano solo and piano duet)
Year of publication 1996
Type of work CD recording
CD Duration 01:12:59
Performers The Cann Piano Duo (Claire and Antoinette Cann) & Richard Deering, solo piano
Publisher Apollo Sound
Track listing
1Sweet & Sour Rag3:48
2Three Impressions  I: Dyrehaven1:43
3 II: Brittany Beach2:18
4III: Peasant Dance2:50
5Six Epigrams  I: Idyll1:40
6 II: March0:52
7III: Blues1:45
8IV: Scherzo0:49
9 V: Homage to Czerny1:40
10VI: Echoes1:10
11Minuet for Octet1:34
12A Little Nocturne (in the style of Chopin)1:11
13Patterns  I: Waltz (Passacaglia)1:38
14 II: Pastoral (Chaconne)2:09
15III: The Organ-grinder (Ostinato)1:32
16Pasticheries  I: The Return of Bulgy Gogo – ragtime (tribute to Peter Warlock)1:37
17 II: The Velvet Gentleman – à la brossienne (tribute to Erik Satie)2:26
18III: Up the Faringdon Road! – valse brilliantine (tribute to Lord Berners)1:53
19Five Diversions  I: Vacilación (Habañera)2:30
20 II: The Lake at Evening2:56
21III: The Girl with the Auburn Hair3:29
22IV: Twilit Willows2:55
23 V: A Little Waltz1:33
24Eine Kleine Froschmusik (A Little Frog Music)1:30
25Park Lane Stroll1:59
26A Ghost from the Past2:30
27Cinque Port (Music for an Opera)Captain Bowsprit’s Blues1:45
28The Sea-dog’s Song2:03
29The Indian Coffee House Roof Garden Orchestra Tango (The Last Tango in Pondicherry)2:14
30Fun with Figures    I: Kangaroos (Minor 2nd)0:20
31   II: The Distant Trumpet (Major 2nd)1:12
32  III: Ghosts (Minor 3rd)0:27
33  IV: Jack-in-the-Box (Major 3rd)0:21
34   V: The Old Mill (Perfect 4th)0:41
35  VI: An Elephant Ride (Perfect 5th)0:41
36 VII: The Swing (Augmented 4th & Diminished 5th)0:33
37VIII: The Ruined Abbey (Minor 6th)0:53
38  IX: The Town Band (Major 6th)0:48
39   X: The Caterpillar (Minor 7th)0:32
40  XI: The Grasshopper (Major 7th)0:15
41 XII: Soldier’s March (Octave)0:26
42Three Musical Mishaps  I: The Three-stringed Fiddle2:00
43 II: The Damaged Bagpipes1:34
44III: The Broken Pianola1:42
45Ynes (Inez)(Louis Moreau Gottschalk arr. Carey Blyton)3:04
Total duration:72:59


…cries out for revaluation as a genuine 20th Century musical maverick…

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