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Carey Blyton: Miniatures

Carey Blyton: Miniatures
The Return of Bulgy Gogo
Year of publication 1991
Type of work CD recording
CD Duration 01:04:30
Performers Phoenix Saxophone Quartet
Publisher Upbeat Recordings
Track listing
1Peter Warlock arr. Carey BlytonTwo Cod-Pieces I: Beethoven’s Binge2:13
2Peter Warlock arr. John MitchellII: The Old Codger2:25
3Carey BlytonDance VariationsTheme0:48
4Variation 1: Waltz I1:46
5Variation 2: Polka0:43
6Variation 3: Paso Doble1:10
7Variation 4: Foxtrot/Blues1:13
8Variation 5: Rhumba1:03
9Variation 6: Tango1:07
10Variation 7: Rag1:28
11Variation 8: Tarantella1:00
12Variation 9: Waltz II0:58
13Theme (Reprise, with countermelody)0:43
14In Memoriam Scott Fitzgerald2:24
15Pantomime  I: Harlequin0:59
16 II: Columbine1:23
17III: Pantaloon1:06
18In Memoriam Django Reinhardt  I: Prelude (Variation 1)2:26
19 II: Elegy/Blues (Variation 2)3:06
10III: Django Reinhardt’ Stomp (Theme)1:55
21Patterns  I: Waltz (Passacaglia)1:37
22 II: Pastoral (Chaconne)2:01
23III: The Organ-grinder (Ostinato)1:23
24Flying BirdsTheme0:45
25Variation 1: Gannets – Variation 2: The Arctic Tern (Slow Waltz)1:27
26Variation 3: The Arctic Tern (hovering and dipping)0:42
27Variation 4: Birds landing – Variation 5: Puffins & Friends (Slow Tango)1:55
28Variation 6: Razorbills and Kittiwakes0:54
29Variation 7: Swans taking off… and landing0:51
30Variation 8: Knot, Widgeon and Waders – Variation 9: Oystercatchers and Sanderling (Finale)1:11
31Girolamo Frescobaldi arr. Carey BlytonFugue in G minor2:49
32Carey BlytonSaxe Blue2:48
33What then is Love?  I: Western wind, when will thou blow?0:58
34 II: Tell me, where is fancy bred?1:06
35III: Stay, O sweet, and do not rise!2:26
36IV: Love is a sickness full of woes1:17
37Mock Joplin2:05
38Three Musical Mishaps  I: The Three-stringed Fiddle1:53
39 II: The Damaged Bagpipes1:35
40III: The Broken Pianola1:42
41DRACULA! or The Vampire VanquishedQuincey’s Rag1:45
42Henry Mancini arr. Carey BlytonThe Return of the Pink Panther1:41
Total duration:64:30