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Carey Blyton: The folksong arrangements

Carey Blyton: The folksong arrangements
Songs from Canada & the British Isles
Year of publication 1997
Type of work CD recording
CD Duration 01:10:33
Performers Soo-Bee Lee, soprano; Robert Ivan Foster, baritone; David Campbell, clarinet; Jonathan Steward, clarinet; Anthony Randall, French horn; John Truster, violin; Tryphena Partridge, harp; Raphael Terroni, piano; Nina Walker, piano
Publisher Upbeat Recordings
Track listing
1A Newfoundland Posy    I: Anti-Confederation Song – II: Lukey’s boat/A great big sea hove in Long Beach2:08
2  III: The bonny banks of Virgie-O2:02
3  IV: The blooming bright star of Belle Isle – V: Anti-Confederation Song – VI: The Badger Drive5:51
4 VII: I’se the b’y that builds the boat/We’ll rant and we’ll roar/Kelligrews Soiree2:52
5VIII: The squid jiggin’ ground/Squarin’ up time1:44
6  IX: Anti-Confederation/Jack was every inch a sailor1:57
7Six Regional Canadian Folk Songs  I: Donkey Riding (The Maritimes)1:15
8 II: Auction Block (Ontario)4:21
9III: Pull on the Oars (Quebec)6:05
10IV: An Eskimo Lullaby (Baffinland)1:05
11 V: Kelligrews Soiree (Newfoundland) (Encore)2:32
12VI: Lukey’s Boat (Nova Scotia)2:13
13Three Canadian Carols  I: The Shepherdess’ Carol (D’òu viens-tu, bergère?)3:46
14 II: The Cherry-tree Carol2:08
15III: The Huron Carol (Jesous Ahatonhia)2:54
16Three Welsh Folk Songs  I: Lullaby (Suo-gân)2:46
17 II: The Plea of the Miller (Tôn Y Melinydd)1:08
18III: David of the White Rock (Dafydd Y Gareg Wen)2:33
19Two Sacred SongsA Lullaby1:54
20Robin Redbreast2:13
21Blue Christmas3:44
23The Maiden Deceived – A British Folk Song Cycle  I: Early One Morning – II: Bobby Shafto2:36
24III: O, Waly, Waly – IV: Early One Morning/What Shall we do with the Drunken Sailor?4:54
25 V: There is a Tavern in the Town3:29
Total duration:70:33


An Eskimo Lullaby may seem to us more interesting than Camptown Races

Musical Opinion, September 1954

The winners on the disc, I think, are Suo-gân, a splendid Welsh melody … Tryphena Partridge plays the harp accompaniments for the Welsh songs most acceptably…

Records and Recording, April 1964

…old, open-air bonhomie of the Canadian songs…

Records and Recording, April 1964

Of the Welsh songs, I am particularly glad to have the lovely lullaby, Suo-gân … very well accompanied on the harp in the Welsh songs.

The Gramophone, May 1964

…of the three carols I think that The Huron Carol is outstanding, but all three are notable for the effective economy of the accompaniments.

The Gramophone, September 1965

…you should assuredly purchase Onslo’s new LP containing further Canadian folk songs by the Beckenham composer, Carey Blyton. (The first disc … was highly praised by me two years ago.)

The Croydon Advertiser, 31st March 1966

…I hope we shall hear much more of his compositions in “The Gramophone World”.

The Croydon Advertiser, 10th June 1966