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Brass Quintet

Date & Opus Title Duration Publisher More…
February 1987
Opus 82b
Pasticheries (non-Boulangerie)
Three Parodies arr. for Brass Quintet
6 mins Edizioni Bèrben info i
Notes: Published in the composer’s facsimile, 1990; movements are: 1. The Return of Bulgy Gogo—ragtime (tribute to Peter Warlock); 2. The Velvet Gentleman—à la brossienne (tribute to Erik Satie); 3. Up the Faringdon Road!—valse brilliantine (tribute to Lord Berners); transcription made for the New Mexico Brass Quintet of Albuquerque, USA
January 1979
Opus 81
A Sherlock Holmes Suite
for Brass Quintet
11½ mins Out of print info i
Notes: Published by Editions J. Maurer
(No opus number)
Eilgut-Galopp (Grand Vitesse)
Op. 146 by Emil Waldteufel arr. for Brass Quintet
2½ mins Chester Music and Novello & Co
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info i
Notes: Published by Novello; dedicated to the New Mexico Brass Quintet of Albuquerque, USA
March 1983
Opus 85b
Sweet and Sour Rag
arr. for Brass Quintet
4 mins Edizioni Bèrben info i
Notes: Written for the Chestnut Brass Company of Philadelphia, USA (brass quintet); published in the composer’s facsimile, 1990
Opus 90b
Hark! The Merry Gentlemen
An arrangement and combination of Hark! The Herald Angels Sing and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen for Brass Quintet (orchestral brass or brass band instruments)
3¼ mins Just Music
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info i
Notes: Adapted from the Brass Quartet version at the request of the New Mexico Brass Quintet of Albuquerque, USA; Just Music publishes only the version scored for brass band instruments
29th January 1999
Opus 107
In the Spice Markets of Zanzibar
for Brass Quintet with optional Tambourine
2¼ mins Fand Music Press
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Notes: Written for the Fine Arts Brass Ensemble