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April 1983
Opus 88
A Shoal of Fishes
A Suite of Nine Miniatures for Pedal Concert Harp after prints by Hiroshige (1797–1858) and anonymous poems of the period, published in 1832/3
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Notes: Written for the Lloyds Bank National Composers’ Award Competition; published in the composer’s facsimile, 1988; movements are: 1. Tobiuwo (Flying fish); 2. Suzuki (Sea-perch); 3. Ebi (Shrimp); 4. Shima-hata (Grouper); 5. Ai (Trout); 6. Akodai/Kurodai (Red bream or golden tai/Black seabream or porgy); 7. Bora (Gray mullet); 8. Koi (Carp); 9. Saba/Hirosaba or marusaba (Mackerel)
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Two Pieces
for Mandolin and Harp
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Notes: Written for the Pleasant Pluckers (later renamed Duo Mandala): Alison Stephens, mandolin and Lauren Scott, harp; movements are: 1. Harvest; 2. Blues in the Round