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Date & Opus Title Words Duration Publisher More…
Spring 1956
Opus 5b
Overture: Fantasia on French Folk Songs
for Full Orchestra
Manuscript info i
Notes: FTCL ‘thesis’
Winter 1957/1958
Opus 16b
Lyrics from the Chinese
Seven Songs for High Voice and String Orchestra
trans. Helen Waddell 18 mins Modus Music
Notes: Movements are: 1. Prelude; 2. Song 1: Aubade; 3. Song 2: Drinking Song; 4. Song 3: Song against the Duke Seuen; 5. Song 4: Song at Evening; 6. Interlude; 7. Song 5: Flower Song; 8. Song 6: Sacrificial Song; 9. Song 7: Nocturne; 10. Postlude
Opus 28a
SchoolCinque Port (Music for an Opera)
A Suite in Five Movements for Full Orchestra
15 mins Chester Music and Novello & Co
Product page
info i
Notes: Movements are: 1. Prelude: Daybreak over the Harbour; 2. Song 1: Captain Bowsprit’s Blues; 3. Interlude: The Beach—Midwinter; 4. Song 2: The Sea-dog’s Song; 5. Postlude: Dusk over the Harbour
February/March 1965
Library music
Vista for Orchestra
2½ mins Manuscript info i
November 1965
Library music
Action for Orchestra
Gay, lively
3 mins Manuscript info i
Opus 23b
Lachrymae—In Memoriam John Dowland
for High Voice and String Orchestra
Various 15 mins Modus Music
Notes: Movements are: 1. Prelude; 2. Song 1: Madrigal; 3. Interlude I; 4. Song 2: The Moon; 5. Intrlude II; 6. Song 3: The Open Door; 7. Interlude III; 8. Song 4: The Sick Rose; 9. Interlude IV; 10. Song 5: Sonnet; 11. Postlude
Opus 52a
SchoolThe Hobbit
A Concert Overture for Orchestra
5½ mins Bardic Edition info i
December 1969
Commercial music
Mackintosh’s Quality Street
TV commercial: Quality Street
½ min Manuscript info i
Notes: Made by Illustra Films Ltd
Opus 59
SchoolThe Birds of the Air
An Evocation in Three Movements for Orchestra with optional Prepared Piano
10 mins Manuscript info i
Notes: Written for the Liverpool Schools’ Junior Orchestra; based on Songs of the Birds by Walter Garstang; movements are: 1. Dawn (Sunrise); 2. Day (Morning – Noon – Afternoon); 3. Dusk (Sunset)
Opus 100
The Golden Road to Samarkand
Suite for Orchestra
10 mins Bardic Edition info i
Notes: Movements are: 1. Ships of the Desert; 2. Caravanserai (Songs and Dances); 3. Samarkand!
26th March 2000
Opus 111
El Tango Ultimo
Tango Cromatico for Symphony Orchestra
1¾ mins Fand Music Press
Product page
Notes: Dedicated to Peter Thompson; the full score may be purchased from this site; for the parts, please see Fand’s page